We have made it to March and that means spring is right around the corner! Our March selections are sure to delight your taste buds. One of them is even from a vineyard right here in Indiana! When we think of Huber Winery, we typically think of sweet wine but this one is anything but! The other selections each have something unique to bring to the table as well. Hurry in and pick yours up so you can start to enjoy!

Predator Sauvignon Blanc

Lovely honeydew melon and
white peach flavors give this
medium-bodied wine a lot to
like. Fruity but delicate, it
brings good balance and a
light touch in the texture.

Varietal: 100% Sauvignon
Blanc 13.5% ABV

Huber Generations

This approachable red is
made in our very own
state of Indiana at the
Family Owned Huber

Varietal: Estate-Grown
Blaufrankisch, and
Cabernet 13.4% ABV

Joseph Drouhin Saint-Veran

A wine that smiles and
makes you smile! It is
stylistically close to PouillyFuissé, with its golden hue,
its greenish reflection and
its refreshing taste. The
aromas are reminiscent of
the ripe Chardonnay grape,
with subtle notes of musk.
A pleasant roundness coats
the palate

Varietal: 100%

Fresh Vine Cabernet Sauvignon

Fresh Vine Wine is a unique
collection of bold, crisp, and
flavorful wines
that embodies a deeper
connection with holistic
living. Founded with the
intention of balancing an
active routine with a nightly
glass of (or two!) of
wine, Fresh Vine has
committed to producing
delicious, low-calorie,
low-sugar options, designed
to complement the work
you've put in
without the sacrifice.

Varietal: 100% Cabernet
Sauvignon 13.5% ABV